Yaletown Best Burger Competition on Canada Day

Head on down to the 1200 block of Hamilton on July 1st and celebrate Canada Day Yaletown style. The highlight of the day is going to be the Yaletown Best Burger Competition being held in front of SOCIETY of which yours truly Richard Wolak (@vanfoodster) will be judging along with fellow celebrities Erin Ireland (@erin_ireland), John Chow (@johnchow), Raul Pacheco-Vega  (@hummingbird604) and Cassandra Anderton (@goodlifevan). The burger competition begins at 4pm, get there early to find the perfect viewing spot.

Canada Burger

All restaurants located in Yaletown were invited to submit their burger into the competition and I truly hope for tastebuds sake that there are some of the tastiest burgers in the competition. There are some rules that go along with this competition and one of them is that the burgers can not contain any form of Pork.

Participating Restaurants include:

  1. SOCIETY Dining Lounge
  2. Earls Yaletown
  3. BBQues
  4. The Hamilton Street Grill
  5. Section 3
  6. The Hub Restaurant
  7. Glowbal Grill

The burger competition is one of several events taking place during the Canada Day Street Party on Hamilton Street in Yaletown.

See you there!

By: Richard Wolak

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