The BEST Espresso Macchiato

There are many cafes in the city, some have great drip coffee, ambience and great baristas, however, this list is about which café has the best and consistently the best Espresso Macchiato (Espresso with a minimal amount of steamed milk on top) in the Vancouver area, #1 and #2 on this list are equal and tie for having the best in the city. All are in Vancouver unless otherwise noted.

#1 goes to Elysian Coffee 590 West Broadway for the very Best Macchiato served with a glass of their sparkling filtered water (2nd location at 1778 West 5th Ave without the sparkling water)

#2 goes to 49th Parallel Coffee 2152 West 4th Avenue, for the Best Macchiato served with a glass of water on a mini tray, awesome presentation.

#3 goes to Moja Café 1412 Rupert Street, North Vancouver

#4 goes to Caffe Artigiano 763 Hornby Street (multiple locations)

#5 goes to Smarth Mouth 131 Water Street #117

#6 goes to Wicked Café 1399 West 7th Avenue & 861 Hornby Street

#7 goes to Mink Chocolate Café 863 West Hastings Street

#8 goes to Bump & Grind Café 916 Commercial Drive

#9 goes to Ethical Bean 1315 Kootenay Street

#10 goes to AgroCafe 1207 Hamilton Street

By: Richard Wolak

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