The BEST Challah List

There are many bakeries in the city that bake this Jewish bread. Challah is often eaten on Friday night to celebrate the Sabbath as well as for other Jewish holidays. You may want to get some Challah from one of these bakeries and it goes well topped with peanut butter, nutella or made into French toast for breakfast or brunch. I have tried them all and here is my list for the Best Challah in the Vancouver area:

#1 goes to Sabra 3844 Oak Street, Vancouver for the best Challah and my favourites are the Sweet and Whole Wheat.

#2 goes to Garden City Bakery 360-9100 Blundell Road, Richmond and my favourites are the Sesame, Poppy and Water Challah.

#3 goes to Solly’s (3 locations in Vancouver) 189 West 28th Avenue, 368 West 7th Avenue and 2873 West Broadway and my favourites are the Sesame and Poppy Challah.

#4 goes to Terra Breads (3 locations in Vancouver) 53 West 5th Avenue; 2380 West 4th Avenue and in the Granville Island Public Market

#5 goes to Mix Bakery 4430 West 10th Avenue, Vancouver

By: Richard Wolak

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