1689 Johnston Street, Vancouver
Tel: 604-685-4021

Advice: Make sure to get the Glazed donuts fresh out of the oven and you are pretty much guaranteed to do that at 9:05 am daily.

Lee’s has been in the Granville Island Market for 30 years, many of Vancouver’s top chefs visit Lee’s often when they are in the market such as notables Dale Mackay (Chef at Lumierre) frequents Lee’s for a glazed donut which he says is the best in the world. For a donut shop to be in business after 30 years it is obvious that the recipe is stellar. It is all about donuts it this tiny kiosk in the market, the Glazed donuts ($1.33) reign supreme, they also have frosted donut rings, maple rings and bars, powered donuts, lots and lots of donut holes in all type of varieties too.

Review by: Richard Wolak

1689 Johnston Street, Vancouver, BC

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