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1956 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver Tel: (604) 558-1050 Web: http://www.donerkebab.ca/ Twitter: @DonerKebabVan Advice: No reservations. It’s counter service. Located in the heart of Kitsilano’s West 4th neighborhood, Ashgar is the ultimate host who takes care of his customers as he…


3034 Main Street, Vancouver Tel: 604-874-9820 Web: n/a Advice: Cash only. Ask for whole wheat pita, if you don’t want hot sauce make sure you tell them. The Chicken Shawarma wrap ($6) is a lunchtime favorite of mine made with…


3685 W 10th Ave, Vancouver Tel: 604-739-4403 Advice: cash only. This west side spot has some delicious chicken shawarma around and they have great hours from lunch thru late night daily. I had the #9 Chicken Shawarma plate ($5.99) with…

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