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West Oak Celebrates 3 Years

Last night I attended the 3rd Anniversary Celebration at West Oak Restaurant in Yaletown which specializes in Westcoast cuisine with a focus on ethically and locally sourced as possible ingredients. Owner Peter Girges and his partners hosted quite the fun party…

Interview with Peter Girges

Restaurateur | Vancouver I sat down with Peter recently in his Cento Notti Restaurant in Yaletown and talked about his restaurants and his love for people and socializing. Peter grew up in Toronto working in his father’s restaurant, when he…

Chinois Restaurant Opening

On Wednesday, November 9th I attended the opening party of Chinois Restaurant in Yaletown.  Proprietor Peter Girges of Rocksglass Concepts was on hand to greet media and other invited guests as they opened Yaletown’s only Chinese restaurant. The menu is…

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