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Food Talks Vol 15

Food Talks Vol 15 Speakers (from left to right) Ian Bruce, Jason Gilron, Caren McSherry, Paul Grunberg and Brian Turko. On November 7 we presented the 15th event in this Food Talks series which featured 5 inspiring speakers from the food…

Food Talks Vol 15 on November 7

This is the fifteenth event in this Food Talks series! Come join us to meet and mingle with other foodies, and to hear some enlightening speakers from the food community. Hosted by Richard Wolak – Founder of Vancouver Foodster and Food…

Contra Kitchen by The Curatorialist

Last week I attended a delicious event at Pacific Restaurant Supply, it was a pop-up food event produced by Chef Deniz Tarakcioglu and his partner Hakan Burcuoglu. Featuring a selection of curated cocktails with an esoteric menu inspired by the…

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