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WIN a Chicken & Waffles Brunch for 4

It’s no secret that I love Chicken and Waffles at Brunch, this dish originates in the Southern region of the USA this comfort food dish has quickly made it on to restaurant menus in and around Vancouver. It is a…


UPDATED 7/30/14 BUSINESS HAS CLOSED 2689 Main Street, Vancouver Tel: 604-839-5780 Web: http://www.rumpusroom.ca/ Twitter: @RumpusRoomMain Advice: Bring a small group of friends as opposed to a large group. Limited complimentary parking spots in front. It appeared as it was games…

The BEST Chicken & Waffles

Chicken and waffles is a soul food dish combining waffles, a breakfast food, with (usually) fried chicken. The dish is most commonly made by serving fried chicken with a waffle, the waffle then typically being covered with butter and/or syrup….

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