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The Vanfoodster Podcast: Episode 5

In this week’s episode I start off with some culinary news in the city and then talk about some of the new restaurants to open this past week which include Do Chay Saigon Vegetarian Restaurant, Melo Patisserie, Takenaka Food Truck…

New Menu, New Chef at Cibo Trattoria

Chef Jesse Zuber recently joined Cibo Trattoria and he has launched a new menu filled with wonderful new dishes celebrating Italian cuisine. Lawrence and I enjoyed tasting each of the dishes on this stellar menu. 1st dish: Burrata -Italian burrata,…

The Vanfoodster Podcast: Episode 4

In this week’s episode I talk about a restaurant in my ongoing summer Patio series, featuring Doppio Zero Pizzeria in Coquitlam. I then talk about pivoting and how restaurants are changing and reinventing themselves during Covid19 talking about Chi Vegan…

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