New Menu, New Chef at Cibo Trattoria

Chef Jesse Zuber recently joined Cibo Trattoria and he has launched a new menu filled with wonderful new dishes celebrating Italian cuisine.

Lawrence and I enjoyed tasting each of the dishes on this stellar menu.

1st dish:

Burrata -Italian burrata, fiddlehead, young greens, pesto giardiniera, pepper gremolata; a flavourful dish with the tasty pesto, along with the fresh cheese, and the accompanying crisps.

2nd dish:

Carciofi – crispy artichoke hearts, whipped ricotta, lemon, pepper, early harvest olive oil; this was an amazing dish from the flavours, texture to the presentation.

3rd dish:

Risotto Alla Milanese – one year aged Acquerello rice, saffron, bone marrow, butter, parmigiano reggiano; a lighter than anticipated dish due to the type of rice used and the tasty bone marrow.

4th dish:

Cavatelli with shaved black truffle from Australia; chef made the pasta from scratch in house using bean flour from Saskatchewan, delicious!

5th dish:

Salmon with blueberry jus and sea asparagus to celebrate @BCBlueberries season, served with pistachio and cannellini bean granola then topped with a chive crema; loved, loved.

6th dish:

Ippoglosso – Pan roasted B.C. halibut was one of the star dishes with farro verde, roasted lemon, cauliflower, crispy greens, dandelion.

7th dish:

Piccata Di Vitello – Pounded veal, lemon, capers, parsley, roasted artichoke; the veal and the other components made for a superb dish.

8th dish:

Dessert Duo — Limoncello and Olive oil chiffon cake and Chocolate torte; both of the desserts were outstanding.

Cibo Trattoria is located at 900 Seymour Street, in downtown Vancouver, you can reserve at 604-602-9570.

By: Richard Wolak

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