Experiencing Coastal Kerala Indian Cuisine at Café Malabar in Victoria

Delicious coastal Kerala Indian lunch where the spices and influences in the dishes come from Sri Lanka, Syria and the Kerala region of India. The eatery is located inside the Victoria Public Market and opened earlier this year offering lunch and dinner daily for dine-in, takeout and delivery.

We enjoyed the lunch tasting experience and had the following dishes and drinks with condiments.

We started off the tasting adventure with some hot Sulaimani tea.

1st dish:

Alleppey fish curry

2nd dish:

Palakkadan Matta rice

3rd dish:

Goat stew

4th dish:

Fish Pollichathu (mackerel- new dish)

5th dish:

Parotta + beef in a banana leaf

6th dish:

Kerala fried chicken

7th dish:

Malabar Ghee rice

8th dish:


9th dish:

Egg stew

We finished the delicious meal with some hot Chai

Café Malabar is located at 1701 Douglas St #6 in Victoria.

You can follow them on Instagram @CafeMalabar.ca

By: Richard Wolak