First Taste of Qube Lebanese Cuisine

Specializing in authentic Lebanese cuisine at this beautiful new restaurant in Kitsilano, comes to us by 22 year old Chef/Owner Daniel Berro. His dishes are dedicated to his roots growing up in the villages of Lebanon.

Here it’s about serving dinner 7 nights a week, a daily day time brunch will be offered starting very soon. Most of the dishes as described below are ones that aren’t being offered anywhere else in the city. The bar features a great selection of cocktails as well as beer and wine.

Qube is aptly named as it encompasses everything Chef Daniel wishes to feature at his restaurant as he welcomes all ages to come and dine. There is a garden wall at the back of the restaurant, and a lot of seating for small and larger groups throughout the beautiful dining room. An open kitchen to see the chefs cooking and the bar to see them making cocktails.

These are the items my friends and I tried.

We all loved the Muhammara that is made with walnuts, cashews mixed with capsicum, cumin and tomatoes and its delicious with pita for dipping. I also loved the Moutabbal: a dip with roasted eggplant, mixed with garlic, tahina, yogurt and lemon juice. Both are vegetarian dishes.

The Grape Leaves dish is made of fresh grape leaves made in house stuffed with rice, tomato, parsley and lime juice; and the Makdous, such a unique dish, with oil aged eggplants filled with walnuts and red peppers on a bed of Labneh; I loved it. Goat Labneh Balls, another unique dish with 3 different flavours, all very good as is the Musaka’ah, a delicious stew with baked eggplant, chickpeas, onion and tomato ragout.

The Grilled Halloumi cheese topped with molasses and pomegranate, is simple and delicious and it is also vegetarian.

The House-made Lebanese spicy sujuk beef sausages are made from scratch; as is the delicious Makanik Debs El Romen a dish with house-made Nakanek beef sausage, pomegranate and molasses sauce.

We also tried the Chicken Livers dish as well as the Baterma salad topped with Lebanese air-dried cured beef and goat cheese.

The Fattah Kawarma, is an outstanding dish with fried pita, herbed chickpeas, cured yogurt, cold prssed olive oil, basil butter, pine nuts, walnuts and kawarma. The Wagyu Tenderloin Shwarama, is another outstanding dish with a mix of onions, parsley and sumac, steak fries and tarator (tahini).

Make a reservation and take your friends to share some of these delicious Lebanese dishes.

Qube Lebanese Cuisine is located at 1850 West 4th Ave in Vancouver. You can follow them on Instagram @qubevancouver

By: Richard Wolak