1088 Denman Street, Vancouver

Tel: (604) 688-2444

Web: https://www.ofraskitchen.com/

Instagram @ofraskitchen

Advice: Closed Tuesday’s., not licensed but you can bring your own wine for a $5 corkage fee.

After dining at this one of a kind restaurant in the heart of the Westend, over several visits in the past few years I have tried almost every dish on the menu as well as the reiterations. Ofra is the host as well as the chef and she serves home-made Middle Eastern vegan and vegetarian dishes. Often you will be greeted with a smile, some stories and some laughs and it is all part of the charm of why customers return and return again.

Of course, I have favourites as many do, I would say the Stuffed Eggplant is one of those that I could probably eat on every visit, but of course I do try other dishes all the time. Let’s start with my favourites; the Stuffed Eggplant Platter with the most tender and flavourful eggplant with lay​ers of Rice, vegan meatless m​eat, vegetables, sautéed in garlic, turmeric, herbs and spices, and topped with delicious eggplant slices and it is served with 3 salads and pita. 

The Vegan Kefta is often a special, not on the menu regularly so watch for it or ask in advance and go early as it often sells out.

The Vegan Shawarma is something special with soy curls, seasoned and cooked to perfection and the dish is served with hummus, pita and a salad.

From time to time I like to get the Vegan Burger, another Ofra creation made of lentils, garbanzo, vegetables, eggplant. I get the platter which comes with pita and 3 salads.

Lawrence who joins me from time to time loves The Greek Shakshuka that comes with two Organic Eggs, Spinach, Tomato, Peppers, Onions, and Feta Cheese.

We also love the Hummus Fungi platter that has her delicious Hummus, Sautéed Mushrooms, Onions, Tahini, Olive Oil and comes with a salad and pita.

I also love the Healing Soup on rainy days during the fall and winter as well as all of the various hummus and falafel dishes which are perfect for eating in or taking to go.

For a refreshing beverage the Limonana pairs perfectly with the dishes.

Dessert offerings here are minimal but you will want to get the Malabi Cream (rose water, served ​with homemade syrup, crushed peanuts, and shredded coconut).

This is a gem worth driving across bridges to visit for vegetarian and vegan comfort food often.

Review by: Richard Wolak