First Taste of Machete

Specializing in Mexican eats and drinks, this wonderful eatery recently opened on Main Street near Chinatown where owners Cecilia and Alex are featuring authentic Mexican dishes.

They are serving all sorts of Mexican specialties that you would find in the small towns in Mexico. I had a chance to try some of their dishes and drinks and learn more about the eatery from their passionate chef and owner Cecilia. They import corn from Mexico and make their own blue corn tortillas by hand. Prior to opening this restaurant, there were located in a nearby commissary for a couple of years.

These are the dishes and drink that I tried.

Itacates Flor de Calabaza (special pumpkin flower) on house-made blue corn tortilla

Taco with mezcal lime chicken on a house-made blue corn tortilla

Machetes (half with Tapatio (birria beef)and the half with Saxon de Mama — pressed Pork)


Hot chocolate -they roast their own cacao beans to make this delicious beverage.

Machete is located at 1007 Main Street in Vancouver. Open Tuesday – Sunday, you can follow them on instagram @machete.mhf 

By: Richard Wolak