First Taste of the Tamale Shop

Specializing in house-made tamales and other Mexican eats and drinks, this wonderful eatery recently opened in the Mount Pleasant neighbourhood.

Serving freshly made savoury and sweet tamales, tacos, tortas, and other Mexican specialties. Their business was born during the pandemic where they started out making tamale in a commissary, fast track to now and they are selling their house-made tamales to grocery stores, through farmers markets, in their cafe and soon widely available wholesale to other restaurants and stores.

The cafe also features a live mariachi band playing every Saturday and Sunday at 1pm.

I enjoyed my visit as I tasted many of their different food and drink items.

Mole with chicken tamale was very good as was the Mole croissant with chicken and cheese.

I tried a selection of their Tacos: Pork carnitas, Potato wedges and Lamb Birria.

The Horchata was good as was the Pork with salsa verde tamale and the Tamale Torta

Both the Mangolada and the Horchata smoothie were refreshing and paired well with the food offerings.

Loved both dessert tamales, the Tamal chocolate and the Blackberry and cream cheese tamale as well as the Dulce de Leche coffee.

The Tamale Shop cafe and store is located at 2525 Main Street in Vancouver. You can follow them on instagram @tamalyshop

By: Richard Wolak