Experiencing a Foodie Tour in South Beach

Experienced Miami Culinary Tours food and art deco tour in the South Beach area of Miami recently which took me to places I haven’t been to before. Our guide Mirka talked about how she had lived in the area for over 50 years and she knew the history of the changing area. She was informative and noted various facts along the way along with historical notes.

It was a multi-cultural tour in some way as we tasted and sipped Colombian, Cuban, Mexican and Italian food and drink around the area,

We visited Bolivar Restaurant and Bar that specializes in Colombian cuisine and tasted a delicious Ceviche and a Beef & potato empanada along with a refreshing beer drink made with Colombiana.

We learned about the various art deco buildings in the area and then it was on to the next stop for some Cuban eats at Havana 1957 where we had a delicious dish of a Flank beef stew with Green fried plantain.

Our third stop was for Mexican to Naked Taco where we had a Smash shot (pineapple and tequila) and a Chicken taco.

Lastly, we visited an Italian bakery Rosetta Bakery for a mille-feuille pastry.

All in all this was a wonderful and tasty tour, if you are heading to Miami, make yourself an advance reservation for this South Beach culinary or any of their other area tours at Miami Culinary Tours, follow them on instagram @miami_culinary_tours

By: Richard Wolak