JamJar Feast Night

Notable Lebanese Restaurant JamJar on Commercial Drive just launched their monthly feast night and I had a chance to experience it first hand. It was quite the feast and it is a fun way to try different dishes in an interactive playful way. It’s an All You Can Eat feast night, where you can feast your heart out on delicious Lebanese dishes all made with local ingredients and each ticket also includes complimentary cocktails and you can make that mocktails if you wish as well.

A menu is provided, it is all you can eat for the one price and you can choose which station you would want to visit first or you can enjoy a selection of plates from the kitchen to start the journey, it is your choice and you can have it all in any order you wish.

We started off with their selection of salads from the kitchen and my favourites were the Fattoush and the Fasoulia followed by the Burghul Salad which you smash at the table, We then visited the Hummus bar, I loved the Hummus with fried almonds and the Hummus with beef, also tried the hummus with mushrooms. They even had a Grape leaves station and we had the Warak Enab (aka Stuffed Grape leaves); and some fresh baked Pita to accompany it all.

On the beverages side, we had a couple of Mocktails, I loved the traditional Jallab (date, grape & rose water) while Lawrence loved the Ginger Raspberry smash.

At the fryer station we had their delicious Falafel and Makali (Cauliflower in pomegranate molasses).

Next up were a couple of outstanding new dishes (a preview of their fall menu) larger plates, both the Sayadieh (steelhead trout) and Mama’s seasonal dish (vegetables and rice) were very good.

We finished off the incredible meal with a surprise dessert offering of Saffron ice cream cones, Baklava and then got a jar of their delicious Chocolate rice pudding to take home.

Lebanese Feast Nights will be happening for one nigh monthly, and this is a feast you are going to want to go and enjoy! There next feast night is on November 25 and then monthly after that, purchase your advance tickets here.

By: Richard Wolak