Taste of Abby Harvest Dinner at Taves Farms

It has been a few or more years since I had attended one of my favourite long table dinner events in the Fraser Valley. I have always loved the annual Long Table Dinners with the farmers and producers of Tourism Abbotsford. After missing a couple of them while travelling and then the hiatus of the pandemic, this was the year to return. The location was spectacular as the long table is situated in the apple orchard at Taves Farms and this year Taste of Abby embraced all involved from the land to enjoying the delicious food and drink.

Maan Farms Raspberry wine

The evening began with a selection of liquid refreshment from some of the area’s finest from Ravens Brewing to Taves Estate Cidery to Maan Farms fruit wines.

Canapes were served which was followed by a delicious dinner catered by Abbotsford’s finest, Restaurant 62.

We were all seated at the long table and Lawrence joined me for his first time. We enjoyed hearing stories from many of the farmers and producers throughout the meal.

1st course:

Heirloom Tomatoes with delicious @mtlehmancheese Buffalo fresco, cucumber, puffed quinoa, Hunter’s Dale lemon basil, @tavesfarms Goji berry dressing

2nd course

Saffron Risotto with late summer squashes, @mtlehmancheese goat Parmesan, tarragon, local Saffron, and local @artisansake rice; this was an incredible dish.

3rd course

Fraser Valley Pork Belly with apricot preserves, Caramelized cauliflower purée and pickled onions

4th course

Maple Hill Farm Chicken Roulade with braised cabbage, honey Dijon gastrique with @campbellsgold honey, roasted carrots, potato pave; very tasty dish.

5th course

S’mores around the campfire with vanilla-scented Graham crackers, chocolate and spiced marshmallow

Loved hearing the stories from Jason @mtlehmancheese Masa Shiroki @artisansake and Kris and Devinder Maan @maanfarms

Taves Family Farms is located at 333 Gladwin Rd in Abbotsford, BC. The farm specializes in growing a variety of apples, the harvest was about to begin. This as yet again a beautiful night in the orchard to enjoy this wonderful dinner. They also grow a large crop of Pumpkins as well.

A great way to learn about the local producers and farmers in Abbotsford is to plan your own visits to Explore Abbotsford .

By: Richard Wolak