Whiskey Pairing Dinner at Cask Whiskey Vault

We were seated in their spectacular Whiskey Vault surrounded by whiskeys from all over the world, and went on a Whiskey pairing journey with Brad Stanton; who is an expert on whiskey at recently opened Cask at the Versante Hotel; that was paired up by tasty snacks and dishes by Chef Brian Hoang and his team.

The Whiskey Vault is a private room that seats 8 people, inside each portion of the rounded wall features a selection of whiskey’s from Europe, Japan, America and more areas as they feature many of the top brands from around the globe.

1st Whiskey:

Isle of Arran – Single Malt Scotch Whiskey, 10 year old; Non-chill filtered, natural colour, 46% alcohol, from: Isla and Scotland (island between)

This was paired with:

1st Course:

Aged Shima Aji Crudo

Pickled Beets, White Soy Cream, Scallion Oil, Cloud Ear Fungus, Shiso Flowers; a beautiful dish that was the perfect entry way to enjoy the first whiskey.

2nd Whiskey:

Bruichladdich – The classic Laddie

Scottish Barley, Unpeated, Islay Single Malt Scotch Whiskey, 50% alcohol, Scotland

Isla, Known for peated whiskey, but this one is non-peated)

This was paired with the

2nd course:

Crispy Truffle Potato “Okonomiyaki”

Kewpie Mayo, Katsu Sauce, Furikake, Cabbage, Bonito Flakes; delicious dish, love the thin layers of the potatoes and the flavours.


3rd course:

Crispy Eggplant

Sansho Pepper Sanbaizu Caramel, Sesame; each bit of this simple dish went so well with the chosen whiskey.

3rd Whiskey:

Redbreast – Single Pot Still, 12 year old, Triple distilled, Ireland)

This was paired with the

4th course:

Wagyu Beef Skewers (2)

Black Pepper Kabiyaki, Shishito Relish, Crispy Garlic


5th course:

Beef Tongue Skewers (2)

Fermented Soybean, Chili, Sesame, Scallion Ginger Relish and these were tender and delicious.

4th Whiskey:

Sazerac Rye, Straight Rye Whiskey, 45% alcohol, Buffalo Trace Distillery, American; It’s a straight whiskey which means it is not blended.

This was paired with the

6th course:

Iberico Pork Katsu Sando

with roasted carrot miso, fermented cabbage.

5th Whiskey:

Highland Park, Magnus, Scotland, 40% alcohol, Highland Distillers Ltd.

This was paired with

7th course:

Opal Valley Lamb Chops (Opal valley is in Australia)

Korean red chili, cucumber Goma ae; incredible flavors, tender lamb, delicious dish.

6th Whiskey:

Auchentoshan -Single malt scotch whiskey, Three Wood.

This was paired with

8th course:

Apple Tart with miso caramel, Madagascar vanilla bean ice cream; beautiful, loved all the components including the layered apple slices.

This was a spectacular dinner, not only did I enjoy most of the dishes, I also learned so much more about the selection of Whiskey’s they have available at Cask. The added feature of live music the night we were there was wonderful, they offer live music on Thursday and Sunday’s after 8pm.

Cask Whiskey Vault is located at 8400 W Rd in Richmond. You can find them on Instagram @cask.yvr

By: Richard Wolak

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