Tasting New Dishes at Osteria Savio Volpe

It had been awhile since I had dined inside the restaurant, takeout during the pandemic wasn’t the same. Visited recently to dine in and try some new late Summer dishes at one of my favourite Italian restaurants in the city.

1st dish:

Beautiful Puglia Burrata dish with basil pesto, and marcona almonds

2nd dish:

Watermelon, purslane, jalapeño, macedonian feta, aged balsamic, refreshing and I loved the flavours combination.

3rd dish:

Zaklan tomatoes, cucumbers, basil, ricotta, prosecco dressing; loved the flavours of the late summer tomatoes.


House-made Aranciata (spirit-free)

 4th dish:

Agnolotti dal plin, chicken & pork, red wine, crispy sage; this was a rich and delicious dish.

5th dish:

Linguine special Quadra Island BC Honey mussels; served in a sauce of saffron, white wine, jalapeños and fennel pollen on fresh linguine!

6th dish:

Marinated zucchini, fennel pollen, chili, pine nuts

 7th dish:

Sweet Corn gelato and Espresso Stracciatella

Osteria Savio Volpe is located 615 Kingsway in the Fraserhood neighborhood in Vancouver.

You can reserve online or phone them at 604 428 0072

By: Richard Wolak

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