First Taste of Delara Restaurant

Beautiful restaurant specializing in elevated Persian cuisine, owned and run by Chef Bardia Ilbeiggi opened late summer. He is a very good and creative chef who not only creates beautiful dishes but also tells a wonderful story on his instagram.

Delara, translates from Farsi as “she who brings beauty to hearts.”

The branding and identity was designed by Glassford & Walker and the restaurant was built by Pacific Solutions Contracting.

I’ve visited for dinner and enjoyed their Sekanjebeen Sharbat (zero-proof mocktail) honey, mint, apple cider vinegar, and cucumber. Loved the Grilled Seedy Sourdough Flatbread and seasonal dips.

The Early Fall Salad was delightful with bitter and sweet greens, fall veg tossed with a barberry and orange dressing topped with nuts, seeds, and feta cheese

Loved the Roasted Coho Salmon with Bulgur and Barberries coho salmon crusted with sesames, served on a bed of preserved lemon and dill sauce with a side of warm bulgur and barberries

Finished off with a couple of yummy desserts, the Turmeric and Orange Cake topped with orange blossom buttercream, almonds and candied orange; and the Walnut, Date and Honey Baklava crispy baklava filled with walnuts and dates, drenched in a cardamom and honey syrup.

Delara Restaurant is located at 2272 West 4th Avenue in Vancouver. Follow them on instagram @delararestaurant

By: Richard Wolak

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