Experiencing Mediterranean Dishes at Hydra Restaurant

Take yourself on a culinary journey to the Mediterranean stopping in Greece without leaving the city. I had the pleasure to taste my way through many dishes on the menu at Hydra Restaurant which is located at the Exchange Hotel in downtown Vancouver.

Lawrence joined me for this wonderful Greek meal and this is what we tried.

1st dish:

Hydra Special – paper thin zucchini, eggplant tzatziki

2nd dish:

Saganaki – flamed at the table kefalograviera cheese, lemon wedge

3rd dish:

Forno Flatbread with olive oil, herbs and feta

4th dish:

Whole Mediteranean Seabass baked in the oven with sea salt and herbs (deboned tableside) served with herb brush

5th dish:

Grilled Vegetables (fresh peppers, onion, eggplant, zucchini, hydra vinaigrette)

6th dish:

Greek fried potatoes

7th dish:

Moussaka – traditional baked casserole of spiced lamb & beef, eggplant, potato & yogurt béchamel, served with tomato and cucumber salad

8th dish:

Grilled Organic Chicken Souvlaki – marinated in olive oil, garlic, peppers, herbs

9th dish:

Lamb Chops – broiled fresh spring lamb rib chops and aged vinegar drizzle

10th dish:

Brussels Sprouts – roasted brussels sprouts with bacon & lemon 

Pita bread (side order)

11th dish

Bougatsa – semolina custard / caramel-chocolate ganache cinnamon-icing sugar

12th dish

Dark Chocolate Olive Oil Cake with pistachio sponge and meringue

We loved all of the different flavourful dishes, especially the tableside preparations of the flambe Saganaki, deboning and encrusting of the Seabass Fish and the cutting and pouring of the chocolate caramel sauce over the Bougatsa.

Hydra Restaurant is located at 825 West Pender Street in downtown Vancouver. Open for lunch and dinner daily.

By: Richard Wolak

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