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Advice: Advance reservations suggested.

With its focus on American Barbq and Southern Italian, Chef Sean Reeve and his partners have a created a wonderful menu of dishes that marry both of these cuisines in harmony.

Dorado Crudo

Smoked Veal & Tuna

The Dorado Crudo is a flavourful dish with scallion & chili dressing, sun dried olive, citrus, endive, mint; the Smoked Veal & Tuna is a play on the traditional Italian Vitell Tonne; where the fusion is wonderous, the veal is smoked to give it a barbq taste while the rest of the ingredients tuna & anchovy dressing, salsa verde, caper berries, pecorino fresco, celery; one of my favourite dishes on their menu.

Oxtail & Parsnip Agnolotti

Barbeque Bolognese

Barbeque Bolognese

The Oxtail & Parsnip Agnolotti was a very unique dish with the agnolotti served in an oxtail consommé, with rosemary, garlic chips; the Barbeque Bolognese has been one of the most popular on the menu since opening earlier this year; and it’s another one of the dishes that marries both cuisines so perfectly well giving your tastebuds a whirl from sweet to spicy to hot to sour with tagliatelle, pancetta, smoked pork butt, and grana padano.

Shrimp & Grits

Beef Rib

Roasted Cabbage

I only had a taste of my friend Zahra’s Shrimp & Grits so I can speak to that one, it comes with mussels, fennel, calabrian chili, tomato; the Beef Rib (smoked for 10-12 hours) with a sorghum spice glaze (made with peach and Dr Pepper) is a stunner and one that is for 2 people to share; make sure to get the Dirty Farro side to accompany this dish as it is made with chicken hearts and livers and oyster mushrooms. The other side that is a must have is the Roasted Cabbage with a delicious rich fontina cream sauce, crispy shallots, and chives.


It was early on since opening and there were only a couple of desserts, we had the delicious and pillowy Beignets stuffed with lingonberry jam, hope to see a greater range of desserts as the months go on.

Server Carlin with the cart service

Marolo Camomile Grappa

As the room is fairly tight and the focus being on dining their bar set-up was designed to be minimal, however, they offer a unique Cart service that can be wheeled to your table before dessert and features a selection of digestif’s, I had the delicious Marolo Camomile Grappa while Zahra had the Amaro Lucano from Italy.

One thing that I would recommend if you are dining with one or two more people is to get the “Jesus Takes the Wheel” menu where you get one item from each section for $55.00pp, it’s a great value and I am sure you are going to full and happy by the end.

This is a neighborhood gem worthy of your patronage, I can’t wait to return to discover more as the seasons change.

Review by: Richard Wolak

4298 Fraser Street, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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