Mexican Eats at Miltomates Foods

I recently met Chef David and his wife Pei who run a lunch eatery that is open Monday – Friday in the Port Kells area of Surrey. Additionally, they offer takeout and a full catering service that features their made from scratch Mexican food.

Lawrence joined me for this wonderful Mexican meal and this is what we tried.


Salsa, Guacamole and Chips

Started off with their house-made Horchata and then shared the Salsa, Guacamole and Chips with their house-made salsas.

Al Pastor Taco

For their Al Pastor Taco this is made with spit-grilled pork which features a flavour palate from central Mexico.

El Pastor Gringa

I loved the El Pastor Gringa which takes the same meat from the Al Pastor which is served on a flour tortilla with cheese and pineapple. The Gringa is then grilled similarly to a quesadilla.

Beef Tongue Taco

As Lawrence loves Beef Tongue Taco he had one of those as well.

Steak Asada Burrito

Steak Asada Burrito

The Steak Asada Burrito was large and perfect for us both to share, it was stuffed with steak. rice, vegetables all rolled into a large flour tortilla.

Chicken Emmoladas

Chicken Emmoladas

My favourite dish was the Chicken Emmoladas it’s a similar type of dish to the enchiladas but the difference is that it is covered in mole, their is made with their house-made mole with 20+ ingredients, wonderful flavours in this mole.

All of their recipes for salsas, marinades and seasonings are created and made in-house by owner/chef David. He grew up in the Vera Cruz region of Mexico and many of his recipes are from this region. They also specialize in tacos and burritos served with their house salsas. They do a brisk business with their catering services which provides more traditional Mexican dishes called guisados from all over Mexico such as mole, carne en su jugo, and cochinita pibil to movie and tv sets and studios as well as companies in the area.

You can find their Miltomates Restaurant at 9613 192 St #4 in Surrey, and follow on Instagram @miltomatesfoods

By: Richard Wolak

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