Tasting Brunch at Glowbal Restaurant

It had been almost a year since my last brunch visit and it was time to experience some of the new dishes from Executive Chef Omar Hadi’s team.

1st dish:

Huevos Rancheros

Huevos Rancheros this was one of my favourites dishes, loved the presentation of the large skilled, it comes with fried eggs, crispy tortilla, avocado, refried beans, pico de gallo, crème fraiche.

2nd dish:

Waldorf Salad

Waldorf Salad a tasty mix of apples, endive, medjool dates, walnuts, creamy vinaigrette

3rd dish:

Reuben Sandwich

Reuben Sandwich another new favourite dish here, this Montreal style brisket was served open faced topped with gruyère, sauerkraut, pickled mustard seed, on rye bread, with a poached egg (you can ask to have the dish come without the egg if you don’t like eggs)

4th dish:


Sablefish always delicious, this favourite is also available on their dinner menu, it comes with miso dashi, bok choy, with a soba noodle salad served on the side.


5th dish:

Brussel Sprouts

Brussel Sprouts one can never do wrong without ordering one of these vegetable side dishes as this one always delivers on flavour, with parmesan, capers, lemon, chili flakes


6th dish:

Short rib hash

Short Rib Hash I prefered the last reincarnation of this dish which I had last year this time around it was plated with braised beef short ribs, sunny side up eggs, tomatoes, fingerling potatoes green beans, and a pesto hollandaise

Caesar cocktail cart

Glowbal recently launched their Caesar Cocktail Table Cart that wheels over to each of the tables, this is an exciting addition for all cocktail lovers which provides guests with an interactive experience along with a few choices of salts for the ribs, along with a large selection of condiments and garnishes. I went the virgin route this time around choosing various condiments and garnishes without any alcohol.

Virgin Caesar Cocktail

Virgin Caesar Cocktail

7th dish:

Sticky Coffee Pudding

Sticky Coffee Pudding made with a delicious coffee date cake, and espresso caramel that is poured at the table, topped with Mascarpone chantilly, served with a lemon Madeline, a delicious feature dessert by their new Executive Pasty Chef Alex Abley.

Glowbal Restaurant at Telus Garden is located at 590 West Georgia Street in downtown Vancouver. For Reservations call 604-602-0835 and follow them on instagram @glowbalrestaurant

By: Richard Wolak

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