First Taste of Prototype Coffee

Matt Johnson – owner

Founded by Matt Johnson who has been in the coffee industry for several years roasting and managing cafes around the city. Here he custom roasts the coffee beans in house in small batches with 3 black Aillio Bullet R1’s tabletop Micro-roasters, he offers espresso beverages as well as cold brew flights.

The microroastery sources unique, beautiful, and traceable coffees from all over the world.

The café offers twelve pour-over options plus a selection of espresso’s; and customers can purchase beans in-store after trying the coffees.


Individual coffee servings

They have one of the coolest Modbar setup’s in the country along with specialized grinders and can make Individual coffees.

This is the newest spot for the coffee purists and those who like to stay ahead of the coffee wave. Talking to Matt you get a good sense of how passionate he is for roasting and serving the best coffees that he can in his minimalistic café. You will also find a small selection of baked goods, look for more from local baking companies down the road.

He made me a cold brew flight with four very different coffees.

Matt Johnson

made with regular milk

Matt Johnson with the 2nd macchiato

made with oat milk

This was followed by a couple of Espresso Macchiato’s that showcased one of the offerings made with regular dairy milk and then another using Earth’s Own oat milk, both featuring their Guatemala espresso.

Prototype Coffee is located at 883 East Hastings St in Strathcona. Follow them on Instagram

By: Richard Wolak

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