854 Denman Street, Vancouver

Tel: (604) 559-6404

Web: http://izakaya-gons.com/denman/

Twitter @IZAKAYA_Gons ‏


Advice: Closed 3-5:30pm between lunch and dinner service daily, open late.

With it’s Authentic Japanese izakaya focus this new eatery in the Westend serves up a beautiful array of seafood dishes as well as meats, hot pot, barbq, along with noodle dishes and so much including a large selection of sake, wine and beer. I have dined here several times since opening trying many different dishes each time.

Sashimi Salad

Chicken Karrage

The Miso Soup

The Sashimi Salad is a refreshing bowl of greens and small cubes of sashimi in a tasty dressing; the Chicken Karrage is lightly gluten-free battered and fried served on mesh screen to remove any possible oil, served with a sory sauce and mayo for dipping. The Miso Soup with vegetables is quite different than the type of miso soup we have been accustomed to having here, vegetables are part of the mix making for a tasty soup.

Premium Wagyu Beef Hamburg and Bbq

Tempura Curry Udon

The Premium Wagyu Beef Hamburg and Bbq was one of my favourite dishes here with such flavourful meats which were perfectly flavoured served on a hot plate. The Tempura Curry Udon is a huge bowl filled with udon noodles and tasty curry sauce.

Grilled Salmon

Aburi Unagi Oshi Sushi

The Grilled Salmon was more like an appetizer than entrée which I had thought, the Aburi Unagi Oshi Sushi was perfectly done with in their izakaya style.

Gons special Matcha Green Tea Tiramisu


I have tried a few of their desserts, my favourite was the Gons special Matcha Green Tea Tiramisu with vanilla ice cream which is noted as ‘limited’ which means they only offer a select number each day as they are prepared each morning; I also had the colourful Pannacotta topped with berries.

This is a restaurant where you are going to want to frequent for late night eats or earlier evening dinner on your own or with friends.

Review by: Richard Wolak

Vancouver, BC V6G 2L8, Canada

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