Exploring the Food Scene in Victoria

Recently spent a week revisiting Victoria where I had a chance to discover some new places as well as revisit some spots that I love.

Hey Happy

Nitro cold brew

Had a Nitro cold brew as I revisited one of my favourite cafes in the capitol city.

Hey Happy Coffee

122-560 Johnson St.

Instagram @heyhappycoffee


Fuego Old Town Eatery

Off The Hook tacos

One of my favourite spots for Mexican daytime eats in Victoria, this time around I enjoyed their Off The Hook Tacos with seared cod, marinated coleslaw, salsa verde, avocado, cilantro and lime.

Fuego Old Town Eatery

1435 Store St, Victoria

Instagram @fuegoyyj


Lure Restaurant

Buttermilk lemon pancakes

The New Yorker

Apple Fig French Toast

Each time that I stay at Delta Ocean Point Resort,  I have visited this delightful restaurant which is located inside the hotel, the dishes have always been good, this time around I had the delicious Buttermilk lemon pancakes, The New Yorker on a rainy morning in Victoria, toasted bagel topped with smoked salmon, cream cheese, capers, onions and lemon, and the Apple Fig French Toast with caramelized apples, fig butter, and hazelnuts.

Lure Restaurant

100 Harbour Rd, Victoria

Instagram @lurevictoria


Foo Asian Street food

Caramel Chicken

My second visit to this small Asian eatery downtown Victoria, this time around I had the Caramel Chicken over rice, delicious!

Foo Asian Street Food

769 Yates Street, Victoria

Instagram @fooyyj


Jam Cafe

Chicken French Toast

One of my favourite breakfast eateries around, revisited and indulged in my favourite dish having the Chicken French Toast which is stacked high in the most delicious sauce topped with good ol’ fried chicken.

Jam Café

542 Herald Street, Victoria




Classic almond burger

I have been coming here for years and the Classic almond burger with baked potato wedges has been my go to each and every time, and this is what I had yet again. House-made almond patty is just so good.


50 Bastion Square, Victoria

Instagram @rebarmodernfood


Fol Epi Yates

Espresso Macchiato

Another one of my favourite bakeries in Victoria, this is their 2nd outpost located in the downtown area, this time around I didn’t eat as they didn’t have my favorite almond croissants, I only had a chance to have an Espresso Macchiato.

Fol Epi Yates

732 Yates, Victoria

Instagram @fol.epi


Han Korean Food

Beef Rice Bowl

Found this spot literally by accident and I am so glad that I did, took a chance and enjoyed a nice meal. I had the Beef Rice Bowl with Korean hot sauce, veggies sizzling in a stone bowl with kimchi on the side.

Han Korean Food

615 Johnson St, Victoria



Falafel bowl

This is one eatery that I had been yearning to visit as I knew all about this restaurant from friends in the restaurant industry. Happy that I had a chance to visit and experience this Middle Eastern focussed spot. I had the Falafel bowl with the fixin’s with labneh, fried cauliflower, pickled turnips, tahini and salad; and the house-made hummus with fresh baked pita, it was a delicious combination.


1325 Blanshard St, Victoria

Instagram @eatsuperbaba



Gi get lime mint drink

The Daily Khatch


805 Fort St, Victoria

Instagram @@fishhookvic


Another spot that I had wanted to visit for quite sometime, Kamal’s place and it was off the hook, here I had their  Gi get lime mint drin, followed by The Daily Khatch of Tandoori Wild Salmon with basmati rice and house Masala mashed lentils with mango chutney on the side and papadam.

By: Richard Wolak

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