3420 Cambie Street, Vancouver

Tel: 778-379-9388


Instagram: @viet_house_restaurant

Advice: Open daily.

Lemongrass Chicken Vermicelli Bowl

Lemongrass Chicken Rice Bowl

Fish Cake Seafood Noodle Soup

Sate Peanut Soup

Located in the heart of Cambie Village, it’s focus is on Vietnamese cuisine with an extensive menu selection of vermicelli bowls, pho and other soups, rice bowls, sandwiches and saute’s. I have been in for a few visits in the past few weeks; loved the Lemongrass Chicken Vermicelli Bowl which was filled with marinated chicken traditionally served over vermicelli with fish sauce on the side, plus a spring roll that I added for an extra $2. I have also had the Lemongrass Chicken Rice Bowl which was similarly done just rice not noodles. On my most recent visit Lawrence joined me, he had the Fish Cake Seafood Noodle Soup with homemade fish cakes in a tomato seafood vermicelli soup; while I had the Sate Peanut Soup with rice noodles, rare beef served in peanut sate soup garnished with scallion and cilantro.

They serve this vast menu daily as well as late night which is ideal for people who work late in the area; it’s also a nice spot for a comforting bowl or a larger meal with friends.

Review by: Richard Wolak

Vancouver, BC V5Z 2W8, Canada

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