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One cool event that I attended recently at Café Medina was a pop-up food event produced by Chef Deniz Tarakcioglu and his partner Hakan Burcuoglu. Featuring a selection of curated cocktails with a menu focussed on the delicious bounties of Mediterranean port cities.

Food was served family/buffet style and the evening began with an incredible spread of appetizers featuring Lavash flatbread, Sun-dried chili pate, Creamy fava dip, Red lentil spread, Snack bar -whipped butter, goat cheese, honeycomb, and ferments, Lakerda (cured albacore tuna), Friattata of Bacalao, Charred Humbolt Squid, and Mulled beets.

They then served 3 salads including the Salad of wheatberries and mushrooms, Dandelion -Aegean style, and Wilted fall greens.

The highlight of the night was the Paella ala turca, this was cooked in a large pan then served to the table inside the restaurant.


Pave of Pumpkin

Desserts included the Reveni – traditional semolina cake followed by the Pave of Pumpkin.

There was a selection of cocktails as well as local craft beers and wine for people to enjoy with the food. It was a packed house of foodies enjoying the dinign space at Cafe Medina.

By: Richard Wolak

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