Our Inaugural Holiday Market

Last night we held our first Holiday Market in four distinct ‘markets’ around the West side of Vancouver, featuring multi-vendors both local and international at Meinhardts, Be Fresh and Milano Coffee Roasters, plus Silk Road Tea who featured their own products.

Meinhardt Fine Foods

Meinhardt Fine Foods serving appetizers

Maureen (left) – Rum Cakes + Fruit Sauces

Karen of Blue Heron Cheese and Plant Based Laiki Whole Grain Crackers

ARC Iberico

Terra Foods

Sal de Ibiza



Meinhardt Fine Foods — Appetizers and Egg Nog

ARC Iberico – Fresh cut ham  @ARC_HamCarver

Terra Foods – European Holiday Snacks     @TerraFoods

JusTea – Ethically Traded Tea

Maureen – Rum Cakes + Fruit Sauces

Sal de Ibiza – Spanish Salts, Chips, Chocolate, Nuts @saldeibizanorthamerica

Paw Paw’s Cocktail Cherries (Small Batch) @pawpawscocktailcherries

Blue Heron Cheese

Plant Based Laiki Whole Grain Crackers   @laikicrackers


Milano Coffee Roasters

Taketo Mizue – Milano Coffee serving the Orange Zest

Jonny Hetherington of JH Essentials

Whipped and Beaten

Whipped and Beaten

Flowers by Hayat’s Garden

Faculty Brewing

Gastown Foodie books

Livia Sweets


Milano Coffee – coffee beverages  @MilanoRoasters

Faculty Brewing – collaboration beer with Milano Coffee  @facultybrewing

Jonny Hetherington JH Essentials– hot sauces and ketchup  @JHEssentials

Whipped and Beaten –baked goods @WhippednBeaten

Livia Sweets —  Small batch sweets, and organic sourdough @liviasweets

Flowers by Hayat’s Garden — salads by @sajandco

Gastown Foodie — Cookbooks by Brad Hill @foodiebooks.ca

Olympia Komianos — Jewelry @olympiakomianos


Be Fresh Market Cafe


Tempea Natural Foods


Kapow Now!

Talk to me Naked


Be Fresh Catering – Savoury @befresh

Biota — fermented products and kombucha @biotayvr

Blume — Latte Mixes @itsblume

Kapow Now! — Healthy snacks @kapow_now

Tempea Natural Foods –tempeh @tempeafoods

Talk to me Naked – art @torisswanson


Silk Road Tea

Lucia serving Mulberry Tea


Silk Road line-up of teas and other products.

Guests had a chance to taste all sorts of food and drink, do some shopping for the holidays, enter contests, as well as meet the various producers and other foodies.

By: Richard Wolak

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