Mobile locations all over the city.

Tel: (604) 832-0984


Twitter: @Slavicrolls

Instagram @slavicrolls

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With the owners European roots, they feature what they call Slavic Rolls, these are also known as Chimney Cakes.  They are a pastry dessert, ribbon wound around a wooden cylinder, then baled for about 8 minutes where the sugar caramelizes on the outside, rolled in sugar and cinnamon, available plain or filled with a variety of toppings. You can’t miss their bright coloured truck, or the cowbell for that matter, they ring the bell each time an order is ready.

Slavic Roll Ice Cream Sundae

Slavic Roll filled with a delicious raisin rice pudding

With a couple of visits, I have tried a few of their creations including the Slavic Roll Ice Cream Sundae filled with blueberry, Lemon and vanilla ice cream; I have also had a plain Slavic Roll with Coconut as well as a Slavic Roll filled with a delicious raisin rice pudding.

The possibilities are endless here, with all sorts of toppings and fillings you can have a fun experience, having them build your own delicious Slavic Roll. You can find the truck all over the city from festivals to popular spots around the city.

Review by: Richard Wolak

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