Five Foodie Treats

A selection of my favourite foodie treats in no particular order that I have tasted recently and where to find them.

1)Organic Creme Fraiche Pannacotta

Organic Creme Fraiche Pannacotta

with grappa poached Hanna brook farms rhubarb, amaretti stunning and yummy!

Cibo Trattoria

900 Seymour Street, Vancouver

Tel: 604-602-9570

Twitter: @CiboTrattoria

Instagram: @cibotrattoria


2)Vietnamese “Cinnamon” Bun

Vietnamese “Cinnamon” Bun

with red bean inside, topped with their signature condensed milk icing and fresh candied coconut shavings, a delicious brunch treat.

House Special

1269 Hamilton St, Vancouver

Tel: (778) 379-2939

Twitter: @housespecialvan



3)Cheesecake Bingsoo

Cheesecake Bingsoo

with layers of cheesecake pieces, cake crumble and milk shaved ice, crowned with whip cream, refreshing and yummy!

Snowy Village Dessert Café

1696 Robson Street, Vancouver

Phone: (778) 379-3884

Instagram: @snowyvillagecanada




Chickpea Sponge Cake with lemon ice cream, cocoa beans, salt and olive oil, a unique and incredible dessert!


1009 Hamilton Street, Vancouver

Tel: (604) 689-8523

Twitter: @fayucaville

Instagram: @fayucaville


5)Pappa Rollie

)Pappa Rollie

croissant like flakiness with a coffee caramel coating with a delicious coconut filling, fresh & hot out of the oven.


193 Keefer Place, Vancouver

Twitter: @PappaRotiCanada

Instagram: @papparoticanada

Stay tuned for more of my Foodie Treats.

By: Richard Wolak

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