Riceberry Rice Tasting Dinner at Sala Thai

The other night I attended a tasting of this new superfood Riceberry, organized by the Thai Trade Centre here to promote Riceberry from Thailand locally. Riceberry rice has become the most popular whole grain rice amongst the health-conscious in Thailand. This rice is known to be high in anti-inflammatory photochemicals and omega 3s. It’s a cross between purple rice and jasmine with a gorgeous purple colour, light fragrance and a wonderfully chewy texture.


Riceberry with Pad Gra Prao Chicken

Riceberry with Pad Gra Prao Chicken

1st tasting course

1st tasting

Stuffed Chicken Wing with Riceberry & Thai Herbs , Riceberry Taco , Riceberry Salad in Golden Basket

2nd tasting course

2nd tasting

Riceberry Sushi with sweet pork and mango , BBQ Pork Riceberry Ball , Riceberry Cracker

3rd tasting course

3rd tasting

Riceberry Pancake , Riceberry Coconut Ice-Cream , Riceberry Coconut Cupcake

Chef Eddy (Arnat Seksantrakul) and sous chef

Chef Eddy (Arnat Seksantrakul) and his sous chef created these wonderful dishes to celebrate Riceberry.

Many Thai restaurants in the Vancouver area are now serving up special dishes made with the riceberry rice including Sala Thai, Sawasdee Thai, Take Thai Home, Thida Thai, U&I Thai, Urban Thai Bistro, Sabai Thai, Thai Box 2 Go and Ban Chok Dee.

By: Richard Wolak

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