Vancouver Foodster 6th Annual Poutine Challenge

Welcome to the 6th annual Vancouver Foodster Poutine Challenge. Restaurants from all over the city were invited to enter their poutine into this challenge, most of the restaurants have created a special poutine just for this challenge. Each restaurant will be featuring their poutine on their menu from February 7-28, 2017.

How Does this all Work? For the public challenge, you are invited to go out and order any or all of the poutine creations in this challenge, then you decide who you think has the best poutine creation for the People’s Choice award winners. 

Share your experiences: Tweet (and don’t forget to tweet or instagram your photos) throughout the challenge, our twitter and instagram address is @vanfoodster and the hashtag is #PoutineChallengeYVR please include this hashtag in all your tweets during the challenge.

Voting criteria –  some things to help you judge your favourite poutine creations – keep these things in mind: originality, creativity, uniqueness, traditional, non-traditional, price, value and most importantly taste.

Get some friends together and make a night of it, visit 3 restaurants or more to share and taste the different poutines or go solo or with a friend – just remember to VOTE for your favourites between February 7 – 28, 2017. 

Here are the 6 Poutine dishes in this challenge, listed in no particular order other than when they were received by us.


Stormcrow Tavern

Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Sex Bob-omb Jalapeño Poppin’ Pork Poutine

Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Sex Bob-omb Jalapeño Poppin’ Pork Poutine

Price: $13

Created by: Chef Sam Cargnelli, Erik Holtom, and Allie Szakacs

Description: Golden, crispy fries made from BC Kennebec Potatoes with IPA-battered cheese curds, more cheese curds, beef bone gravy, topped with Dauphine jalapeno poppers, Cajun pork crackling, Neufchatel crema, and green onion.

Offered: Offered during lunch, dinner, and late night

Storm Crow Tavern

1305 Commercial Drive, Vancouver

Tel: (604) 566-9669


Twitter: @stormcrowtavern

Instagram:  @stormcrowtavern


Fanny Bay Oyster Bar & Shellfish Market

Smoked Oysters Poutine

Smoked Oysters Poutine

Price: $15

Created by: Chef Chris Andraza

Description: It is a Fanny Bay smoked oyster poutine, with hand cut kennebec fries, cheese curds, Fanny Bay oyster stout gravy, house smoked Fanny Bay oysters and crispy fried onions.

Offered: all the time

Fanny Bay Oyster Bar & Shellfish Market

762 Cambie Street, Vancouver

Tel: (778) 379-9510


Twitter: @fannybayoysters

Instagram: @fannybayoysters


Stormcrow Ale House

The Demogorgon Poutine

The Demogorgon Poutine

Price: $16

Created by: Gregery Kallen, Kitchen Manager

Description: a bowl of crisp hand cut fries covered in fresh-carved roast beef, mushrooms, red and green bell pepper, and carmelized onion tossed in a peppery beef gravy and topped with melted mozzarella cheese. Garnished with two swivelling potato heads of vengeance. The Demogorgon is a powerful monster from the earliest editions of Dungeons and Dragons role playing game. It is the self-styled Prince of Demons, and it possesses prodigious powers and a chaotic evil temperament that fuels its fearsome legend. Few creatures are as powerful and malevolent as this demon prince. The Demogorgon was recently made famous by the popular Netflix series, Stranger Things, as the creature that Dungeon Master, Mike Wheeler, used as the foe for Will, Dustin, and Lucas during a game of D&D in the initial episode.

Offered: Daily 11am – 11PM.

Storm Crow Alehouse

1619 West Broadway, Vancouver

Tel: (604) 428-9670


Twitter: @crowalehouse

Instagram: @stormcrowalehouse


Dunn’s Famous

Avocado Poutine

Avocado Poutine

Price $13

Description: Kennebec Potato Hand Cut, BBQ Gravy made in House with Beef Bones, Authentic Cheese curds from Squeaky Cheese, Half Avocado, Grape Tomato with Cilantro.

Created by: Yonathan Delgado

Offered: All day, everyday

Dunns Famous

827 Seymour Street, Vancouver

Tel: 604-682-8938


Twitter: @DunnsFamousBC

Instagram: @dunnsfamousbc


Kofta Meatball Kitchen

Kofta Poutine

Kofta Poutine

Price: $11

Description: ​Made​ to feed your hunger; ​hand-rolled ​spicy pork meatballs​ piled high onto a base of crispy roasted potatoes and squeaky cheese curd​s, ​smothered in ​our creamy​ three cheese sauce​ and​ rich mushroom gravy​

Created by: Chef Helena Dakwa

Offered: Sun-Thurs 11AM – 6PM, Fri-Sat 11am-9pm

Kofta Meatball Kitchen

320 Cambie Street, Vancouver

Tel: (604) 688-9925


Twitter: @koftakitchen

Instagram: @koftakitchen



Bison Shortrib Poutine

Bison Shortrib Poutine

Price: $16

Description: House made cheese curds using Farmhouse Whole Artisan Milk, braised Rangeland Alberta Bison Short Rib, Hand Cut Russet Potatoes, Demi-glace Gravy, Green Curly Onions, Shaved Jalapeño

Created by: Chef Nevada Cope

Offered: all the time


774 Denman Street, Vancouver

Tel: 604-428-7722


Twitter: @ritualYVR

Instagram: @ritualyvr


Make sure you pick up one of the Poutine Challenge postcards available at each of the participating restaurants. Remember to Vote for your favourites daily, all the voting details are at

Our Media judges for this challenge are:

Rick Green

Freelance writer for BC Brews and other publications

Twitter: @BCbrews


Tara Lee

Writer for Inside Vancouver and other publications.

Twitter: @VanGlutton


Kirsty Ip

Food blogger for

Twitter: @eatingwithkirby

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