Salt Spring in the City March 4-6

Salt Spring in the City is a Pop-Up Village Market, where the best producers and artisans from Salt Spring Island set-up a Showcase in Vancouver. This is a great way to discover the flavours of Salt Spring right here in the City!

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We sampled some of the foodie offerings on the Best and the Foodiest at CKNW radio which featured Salt Spring Island goat Cheese paired with small batch jams both savoury and sweet from Salt Spring Kitchen Co. I lvoed the cheeses, jams and the artisan crackers made by Rosemary’s In Season Foods, along with the newly bottled craft batch cider from Salt Spring Wild Cider.

These were some of the suggested pairings and they are terrific suggestions for any parties you may be having at home.

  1. Lemon Chèvre with SS Kitchen Blueberry Basil Jam/ Rosemary’s crisps
  2. Juliette with SS Kitchen Onion Thyme Jam (also good with Blue Juliette or Garlic and Truffle chèvre) w/ Rosemary’s – Rosemary crackers
  3. St. Joe Feta paired with SS Kitchen Spicy Tomato Jam w/ Rosemary’s Rosemary crackers
  4. Absolutely Fresh goat cheese with Hot Mango Jam/ Rosemary crisps

Pairing order Instructions:

START with the Lemon Chèvre, very popular lemon soft cheese with the Blueberry, Basil Jam, that’s also a great spread on fresh pastry.

Next up is the Juliette, a soft creamy goat cheese that grows stronger and softer as it ages. Pair it with Onion Thyme Jam that is sensational on BBQ Burgers or grilled meats. It’s a lovely combo.

Next we explore St. Joe Feta, flavoured with Kalamata olives and a blend of herbs with olive oil paired with Salt Spring Kitchen Co.’s best-selling Spicy Tomato Jam.  Also known as Best friend to a grilled cheese sandwich.

And to take us out Absolutely Fresh goat cheese and Hot Mango Jam, the jam’s heat impresses and makes a great marinade or can be used as a glaze for seafood, chicken or pork on the BBQ.

You have to love all these fresh flavour profiles that are handmade on Salt Spring Island and will be available to sample and purchase at Salt Spring in the City this weekend at Heritage Hall which is located at 3102 Main Street.

By: Richard Wolak

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