Yaletown Brunch Crawl 2016


On January 30, 2016 we presented the fifth crawl in a series of neighborhood brunch crawls in this 3rd year of our brunch crawl series we produced and presented with Tourism Vancouver for their Dine Out Festival.  This event was a super success for all who attended. Participants had a chance to visit several restaurants through-out the Yaletown neighborhood and taste all sorts of dishes on this unique food crawl.

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Our registration was inside Xoxolat where guests had a chance to browse the chocolate store and then taste some Cheese and Chocolate, Black Truffle Chocolate and indulge in warm drinking chocolate.

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Nearby at Zend Conscious Lounge they served guests Vegan Caesars followed by a tasting plate featuring their Sweet potato pancake with spiced pear, Roasted Vegetable Quiche (cashew based), with red pepper cilantro sauce and ‘sausage’ and a Matcha crepe with seared fruit, and white chocolate sauce.


yaletown brunch crawl 2016 10

Down the street at Lime and Moon Pie Co. the delicious tasting plates featured their Chocolate Crusted Walnut Pie along with their Gluten Free Meyer Lemon Tart; guests also enjoyed their choice of of espresso or tea beverage.


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A few doors down, newcomer, Nice Vice Cream a plant based ice cream shop served guests tasters of all of their vice cream flavours that were enhanced by a selection of salts from The Salt Dispensary. They also served guests Root Beer Floats and Cream Soda Floats. Lastly they featured a collaboration with Cold Brew Coffee Bike who was serving up Cold Brew Affogato’s made with their vanilla bean vice cream.

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Nearby at Bella Gelateria Yaletown, they offered guests a choice of one of the following pizzas Napoletano pizza with organic egg, pancetta (Italian bacon), fresh basil with a mild Italian sausage or the Napoletano pizza with organic egg, spinach and roasted potatoes. Guests also enjoyed a House made mini brioche bun with smoked salmon and hollandaise sauce; which went perfectly with a refreshing Mimosa with our Italian Prosecco and Creamsicle (Orange and Vanilla) sorbetto.


yaletown brunch crawl 2016 9

A few blocks away at Small Victory Bakery they gave everyone a takeaway box that was filled with a Savory scone, Pain au chocolat, and an Apollini. Guests also enjoyed their choice of a Cappuccino or a Spiced Hot Chocolate.

The restaurants featured many unique and tasty dishes to our guests to eat and drink throughout the event.

By: Richard Wolak

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