Olympic Village Brunch Crawl 2016

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On January 17, 2016 we presented the second crawl in a series of neighborhood brunch crawls in this 3rd year of our brunch crawl series we produced and presented with Tourism Vancouver for their Dine Out Festival. Participants had a chance to visit 5 restaurants through-out the Olympic Village neighbourhood of Vancouver and taste all sorts of dishes on this unique food crawl.

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At Whole Foods after people registered they were served West coast smoked salmon mousse with candied salmon bacon on a potato tuile and an Asian braised hoisin beef on a Bellini.

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Nearby, Solly’s Bagelry served a tasting plate featuring their Mini Latkes with apple Sauce, mini Potato knish and a mini Cottage Cheese Muffin.


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A couple blocks away Milano Coffee featured their newest Gold Medal winner – Cognac Espresso; and guests started with a Cognac Macchiato; they then enjoyed some Locally made Granola by Granola Girl served with house made Almond milk; they then tasted some of the Nectar cold press juices; lastly they received a Cognac Stovetop coffee to take away.

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A few blocks away Bao Down Gastropub was serving up their Morning Glory Bao; with sausage, bacon, chive omelette, cheese, mayo, hashbrowns, scallions, and banana ketchup or their Beignets to guests.


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Lastly, a block away Glory Juice Co offered guests a selection of 3 juices to taste as well as their House-made seed bars.

The restaurants featured many unique and tasty dishes to our guests to eat and drink throughout the event.

Vancouver Foodster is excited to be presenting 6 brunch crawls in 6 different neighborhoods throughout this 2016 festival, see our other events here, grab your tickets and come join us.!

By: Richard Wolak

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