First Taste of Moja Coffee on Commercial Drive


I previewed the new Moja Coffee café and roastery last week to learn more about one of my favourite coffee roasters. This impressive new café and roastery opened today in a building on Commercial Drive that was built in 1908. Envisioned by owners Doug Finley and Andrew Wentzel a few years back, this Commercial Drive build took much longer than anticipated enabling them to bring coffee roasting back to the drive and are currently the only coffee roastery located on this historical ‘coffee drive’.



The café features 45 seats inside with an open roasting area for onlookers who are passionate about getting the freshest and highest quality coffee.





The cafe features two top of the line espresso machines on the line with precision grinders.

Coffee Roaster

Coffee Roaster

They will be offering a new Lab series of coffees roasted to order and only available for the day, it’s a first of its kind in Vancouver, featured for the French press, Chemex, and espresso on the black eagle only.

IMG_4324 (1)



Moja Coffee is located at 1102 Commercial Drive in Vancouver and is open daily 7am – 8pm. You can follow them on twitter @mojacoffee

By: Richard Wolak

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