Favourite Local Coffee Roasters

A.G.R.O. Coffee Roasters

A.G.R.O. Coffee Roasters

Vancouver is bursting at the seems with perfectionists and passionate people, some of which have been part of the scene for years and others who have started within the past year. These are some of my favourite local coffee roasters and ones that also have their own cafes.

Pallet Coffee Roasters @PalletCoffee

323 Semlin Drive (East Village)

The Benchmark culminates to flavours of bakers chocolate, caramels, butterscotch, and a subtle dark fruit acidity. Long lasting sweetness and a medium, mellow, layered easy acidity.

Milano Coffee Roasters

Milano Coffee Roasters

Milano Coffee Roasters @MilanoRoasters

156 West 8th Avenue in Vancouver as well as locations in Gastown, on Denman, and on Commercial Drive

They are the first and only espresso tasting bar with 8 (6 International Gold Medal Awards) authentic & futuristic espresso ‘fusions’ on tap and that they are 100% local & Family owned & operated! Owned by Brian and Linda Turko.

Elysian Coffee

Elysian Coffee

Elysian Coffee @ElysianCoffee

2301 Ontario Street in Vancouver and 2 other locations

Alistair Durie and Robert Goble are the men behind the successful Elysian Coffee operation that has been evolving since day one 15 years ago. Perfectionists, leaders in training other baristas in the art of coffee.

Moja Coffee @mojacoffee

1412 Rupert St in North Vancouver

Doug Finley and Andrew Wentzel founded the company 11 years ago in North Van and later this month will open on Commercial Drive.

Rocanini  Coffee Roaster

Rocanini Coffee Roaster

Rocanini @ROCANINI

Started about 4 years ago by Frank with a café in Steveston, followed by a roastery and café in False Creek and a new café opening in Yaletown.

A.G.R.O. Coffee Roasters @agroroasters

550 Clark Drive in Vancouver and another location on Granville Island

Blake Hanacek – founder/owner started in 2006 with a café in Yaletown, roasting out of their eventually moving the roastery to Clark Drive.

Matchstick Coffee Roasters @MatchstickYVR

213 East Georgia Street (Chinatown) and 639 East 15th Avenue (Kensington)

Focus on hand-crafted preparation and delivery of single-origin coffees.

Republica Coffee @RepublicaCR

Started out in Fort Langley in 2007, run by Hiro Tsujimoto and Ricardo Masana

JJ Bean Coffee @JJBeanCoffee

John Neate Jr started the company in 1996, now has 17 corporate owned locations and supplies coffee to many other cafes all over.

I talked about these Coffee Roasters on my radio segment on CKNW 980 AM Best and the Foodiest have a listen.

By: Richard Wolak

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