Craft Beer Market 1st Anniversary


On November 5, 2014 I attended the 1st year anniversary celebration along with 400 other invited guests at their restaurant in Olympic Village.


The beer was flowing with a couple of special casks brewed up for the occasion by a couple of local breweries including Parallel 49.

Tuna pillows

Tuna pillows

Tuna rice crisps

Tuna rice crisps

Some canapes were served and passed around the room which included Tuna pillows, Tuna rice crisps and more.

Craft Beer Market is located at 85 West 1st Avenue inside the historic Salt Building in Vancouver. You can follow them on twitter @CRAFTbeeryvr

Thank you to our photographer Michelle Hondl for capturing the night so well (see more photos here).

By: Richard Wolak

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