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534 West Pender Street, Vancouver

Tel: (778) 708-0996


Twitter: @Cartemsdonuts

Advice: Never share these donuts. You can get boxes by the dozen.

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Donuts have always been the best friend to a cup of coffee, they have also been the start for many people in their morning routine or part of that afternoon snack. Cartems was founded locally by Jordan Cash, he was the guy who dreamt up the concept, along with his partner Rajesh Narine they created not only some great tasting donuts, they have also become the new leaders in the local donut game offering up some interesting flavours.

Smores, Canadian Whiskey Bacon, Granola

Smores, Canadian Whiskey Bacon, Granola

Blood Orange Glazed and a Coffee

Blood Orange Glazed and a Coffee

Maple Walnut

Maple Walnut

They make well over 40 different flavours, I have tried the Earl Grey, Mexican Mole, Triple Chocolate, Smores, Canadian Whiskey Bacon from their cake donuts selection as well as the Blood Orange Glazed and their amazing Maple Walnut from their yeast selection and I have had others at parties and such.

Known for sourcing ingredients locally, they have set the stage for what sets them apart from the others, now it is about keeping up with the newest and greatest flavours they make! Keep an eye on their growing collection in their instagram gallery.

Review by: Richard Wolak

Vancouver, BC V6B 1V3, Canada

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