Hastings Urban Farm

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An Urban Farm focused on community education and empowerment, it’s an initiative of the Hastings Folk Garden Society, with the generous and steady support of the PHS Community Service Society. The farm which is located on South side of Hastings between Abbott and Carrall began in 2011, is stewards of the land owned by Concord Pacific with the intent that one day it will be turned into social housing.

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Sarah Common and her Julia mother founded Hives for Humanity which is the organization that runs the farm, they also have their own hives inside the Hastings Urban Farm. The honey that is made here is supplied to various businesses around the city including East Van Roasters who uses it for some of their chocolates they produce.

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The farm has been growing garlic and herbs which have been sold to restaurants and cafes in the neighborhood. It is also a great place to bring your energy and get involved with your hands in the soil, at a free workshop, at the annual Pow Wow, at an outdoor movie screening or soccer scrimmage.

Hives for Humanity is a non-profit organization, with a mandate to enhance community through apiculture. We do this through therapeutic beekeeping mentorship programs in partnership with organizations in the DTES.

You can like their the Hastings Urban Farm Facebook page as one of the ways to support the organization. You can follow Hives for Humanity on twitter @Hives4Humanity  to interact with them on anything that may benefit the farm or community.

Stay tuned to my next feature in my Urban Farming series.

By: Richard Wolak

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