The Chocolate Tasting Kit: Book Launch

Eagranie Yuh

Eagranie Yuh

Last week I attended the book launch party and chocolate tasting at Xoxolat in Yaletown. The Chocolate Tasting Kit is by local writer Eagranie Yuh who spent the past 4 years of her life devoted to writing and getting her book published.

The Chocolate Tasting Kit

The Chocolate Tasting Kit

Eagranie is the author of The Chocolate Tasting Kit, published by Chronicle Books, and you’ll find her work many other publications, including Best Food Writing 2012. She is the Canadian event partner and a grand jury member of the International Chocolate Awards.

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Since I love chocolate, this wasn’t an event that I could pass up, there was a chocolate tasting happening around the inside of Xoxolat featuring many of the world’s finest chocolatiers which are represented in this shop.

You can purchase The Chocolate Tasting Kit at many bookstores including Barbara-Jo’s Books to Cooks in Vancouver.

You can also find Eagranie Yuh at Books to Cooks for an event on April 1st that features her book as well as a chocolate tasting.

Eagranie is on twitter @eagranieyuh

By: Richard Wolak

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