Hot Chocolate Festival Vancouver Round 4


In it’s 4th year, this years Hot Chocolate Festival grows yet again, running from January 18-February 14, it will feature 25 cafes offering up a total of 60 different hot chocolate beverages for us to taste and savour. Vancouver is a chocoholic city and what better way to begin the new year, you will have a chance to not only taste sweet hot chocolates but savoury, yes there is a Parmesan Hot Chocolate, sounds crazy, I can’t wait to try it.

This year for the first time, vendors Chocolaterie de la Nouvelle France and Uva Wine Bar will be offering the option of cold, hot chocolates. Plus the flavour in the cups of hot chocolate at Bella Gelateria will be inserted via gelato master James Coleridge’s new ‘gBARs’ (frozen gelato on a stick).

Mixologist Lauren Mote (Uva Wine Bar) will be breaking the former rule of ‘no alcohol’ with four cocktails inspired by traditional hot chocolate. Two without alcohol (one hot, one cold) will be available all day, while those of the boozier sort (crafted with Mote’s own Bittered Sling extracts) may only be sipped in the p.m.

Check out the full list of participating cafes here! If you want to see where to go, here is the map

By: Richard Wolak

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