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On December 11, 2013 we presented our 14th edition of our Tasting Plates event that showcased 8 restaurants, cafes, and butcher shop, n the Burnaby Heights neighborhood in North Burnaby.

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The Heights Merchant Association participated and gave everyone a promo bag that included a reusable shopping bag, a group of carolers sang inside and outside of the participating restaurants.

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From our Espresso Bar:

Our Tasting Cups included.

1) Spanish Latte

2) Cappuccino

3) Christmas in New York, featuring our signature Holiday Cheer Tea

And our Tasting Plate ncluded

1) Coconut Macaroons

2) Biscotti

3) Savory Brioche rolls

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Cioffi’s Deli (4156 E Hastings Street)


Our Tasting Plate included:

1)    Crostini with goat cheese and quince jam

2)    Prosciutto and bocconcini skewer

3)    Mixed olives

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Cioffi’s Meat Market & Gourmet Kitchen (4142 E Hastings Street)


Our Tasting Plate included:

1)    Penne with a turkey bolognese sauce

2)    House made meatball slider

3)    Tuscan chicken sausage


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Stan’s Pizza Joint


Our Tasting Plate included:

1)    A slice of or Cheesy Garlic or Pesto Cheesy Bread

2)    2 different slices from our variety of Specialty Pizza’s

3)    A slice of yummy dessert pizza and creamy vanilla dip

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Glenburn Soda Fountain and Confectionery


Our Tasting Cups included:

Miniature versions of:

1)    Butterscotch Sundaes with Whipped Cream and Spiced Walnuts  (gluten free)

2)    Chocolate-Covered Candy Cane or Eggnog Ice Cream Cones

3)    Frostbites Cranberry Spice Soda  (non-dairy, gluten free)

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Our Tasting Plate included:

1). Wild Mushroom Short Rib Ragout

2). Savoury Gruyere Panada

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Our Tasting Plate included:

1)    Red Dragon Roll

2)    Tuna Tatataki Salad

3)    Kamikaze Roll

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Our Tasting Plate included:

1) Mini Douceur Canadienne

2)  Macaron

3) Cannelle Noisette Truffle featuring our fine Swiss chocolate

The restaurants featured many unique and tasty dishes to our guests to eat and drink throughout the evening.

Thank you to our photographer Alvin Lee for capturing the night so well (see more photos here).

By: Richard Wolak

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