4527 Hastings St, Burnaby

Tel: (604) 298-5711


Twitter: @StansPizzaJoint

Advice: Take a friend and share pizzas so you can try more.

Stans Beef

Stans Beef



This is a pizza joint that has a long line-up of apropos names for their pizza pies, and each of these unique pies are topped with house-made sauces and fresh ingredients that makes this pizzeria shine in the Burnaby Heights neighborhood. Stan has been making pizzas for years, his love for the pie is a love for your tastebuds. My favourite of the 2 pizzas I ordered was Stans Beef ($8.99 for 8”) with slow roasted beef, house made Bbq sauce, onions, green pepper, red pepper and cheddar; over the Tattoo ($8.99 for 8”) which was topped with pulled pork, a tomato and BBQ sauce mix, garlic, feta, onion, tomato, green pepper and cheddar.

They have got 4 sizes of pizza with a huge menu of unique pizzas, others that intrigued me include the Chinese Chicken, Olivetti, and The Popeye. It is all about the toppings here and since everyones palates are different, the pie options are endless. Besides the popular pizza pies, you will also find cheezy garlic bread, salads, pastas, sandwiches and desserts that include one that I have got to try on the next visit, the Chocolate Pizza!

Review by: Richard Wolak

Burnaby, BC V5C 2K3, Canada

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