Brunch with Manuel Cuevas at The Parlour Restaurant

Brunch is a favourite past time shared by many and should be an extraordinary experience, one that you will cherish. Vancouver has some wonderful places for brunch. Each of the places I visit is unique for what is offered along with the type of service and selection of dishes. I am on a journey around the city to find these extraordinary places and, at the same time, I will be joined by a notable personality who may be a Film Producer or Director, Musician, Arts Festival Director, Actor or other well-known individual for Brunch at restaurants in and around Vancouver.

For my Fifty Third brunch in this series, I was joined by Latin Pop singer, film producer and writer, Manuel Cuevas at The Parlour Restaurant in Yaletown talking about music, singing, food and more.

Manuel Cuevas

Manuel Cuevas

Jose Manuel Cuevas (alias Mann) was born in November 26 1987 in Mexico City, Mexico.

In 2007 the Independent label Aedon Records offered Manuel a deal and to start working in his first record. During December of 2007, Mann locked himself in the cozy recording studio of Aedon and worked with the creative minds of Mexican diamond Nurivan Reyes, drummer virtuoso Rivelino Quiroz and  singer and entrepreneur Juan Campo to record eleven songs for his first record called Real because of its honesty and for meaning the same in English and Spanish. He went on his fourth National tour Lava Tour during summer of 2013 promoting his newest EP of a collection of four. His single “The Door” was a breaking point in his career debuting on iTunes Canada’s Latin Charts at #117. Mann performed for 80,000 people at Zocalo in a massive concert sharing stage with fellow Mexican independent artists. Mann is set to release the third and last single for the EP titled “Shadow”, which will also serve as the promotional single of his new documentary.

The Mexican born and now Canadian singer has released three albums and one EP after inking a deal with Independent Mexican Label Aedon Records in 2007. He has successful singles and a Youtube channel that in 2013 reached more than 10 million views. Also, his reality webseries aired in the United States on Latin-American-oriented Network “Mi Casa Broadcasting” and his first documentary “MANN:2013″ was just released this week.

You can follow Manuel Cuevas Twitter @ManuelCuevas

Did you always want to be a singer?

Always wanted to work in the entertainment industry, since I was 2 years old. I performed at the annual’s school concert playing the xylophones and the keyboard. But it was in High School when I became passionate about singing. I was a regular at the Karaoke bars when I was fourteen years old, and used an old cassette recorder to sing tunes that I created.

What style of music do you sing and perform?

Latin Pop music

What is your instrument of choice?

My voice, I play a little bit of piano as well.

Do you come from a musical family?

Yes I do, my family have been fans of music for quite some time. My uncle plays piano and my dad loves Bob Dylan, as a family we always listened to music.

Are there any musicians who have influenced your musical career? If so who?

I really like Jamie Cullum, Depeche Mode and Portis head.

What type of music did you listen to growing up?

Rock music when I was little, then electronic music later.

Who are your top 3 favourite singers currently?

  1. Jamie Cullum
  2. Brandyn Lloyd
  3. Carlos Rivera

If you could tell me about 3 of your favourite concerts of all time which ones would those be?

  1. Depeche Mode in Mexico City
  2. Jamie Cullum at the Commodore
  3. Bob Dylan in Vancouver at BC Place

What 3 foods do you like?

  1. Kale chips
  2. Gringas (Pastor with cheese)
  3. Chicken wrapped in bacon stuffed with cream cheese with orange juice sauce.

What are your favourite restaurants in Vancouver?

  • Blue Water Café
  • Flying Pig – Yaletown
  • Fable Kitchen
Huevos Benedictines

Huevos Benedictines

Braised Short Ribs

Braised Short Ribs

Orange juice.

Orange juice.

Manuel had the Huevos Benedictines with 2 pouched eggs, salsa, chorizo, hollandaise, avocado, tomato sauce and mozza; while Richard had the Braised Short Ribs with caramelized onion, gruyere, tomato sauce, red potatoes and hollandaise. Manuel and Richard both had an orange juice.

What do you want your listeners to learn from listening to your music?

I want to tell stories and if my stories can help them in any way I feel satisfied.

What do you do in your off time?

  • Cooking
  • Movies (documentaries)

Where was your most recent musical trip?

Mexico – performing in Mexico City for 80,000 people which was filmed for a documentary on me that just came out on Youtube.

Who are your mentors?

  • Café Tacuva (lead singer in theband)
  • Sarah Kashani

What inspires you now?

Life itself

Has your song writing changed living in Canada vs living in Mexico?

Yes it always changes, I feel as am getting older and since I have been living here, I have matured and so has my song writing.

What’s next for you or what’s on the horizon?

1)    New EP (funded through Pledge music)

2)    Mexican tour in summer 2014

3)    Possibility to go to China on tour


Style: A La Carte

Attire: Casual

Time: Saturday & Sunday  11am – 3pm

The Parlour Restaurant

1011 Hamilton St, Vancouver

For Reservations Call: 604-568-3322    |


Twitter: @ParlourYaletown

Stay tuned to my next guest Interview along with the next Brunch in and around Vancouver.

By: Richard Wolak

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