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I often receive products to try, sometimes they are randomly sent to me and other times they come by way of a producer whom I know and trust whole-heartedly and that is how I came to learn about Domenica Fiore which has a strong local connection. Frank Giustra fell was drawn to this olive groves estate in Italy overlooking the medieval village of Orvieto. the land, and its promise, and purchased the surrounding orchards in 2010. As a way of demonstrating his commitment to restoring health to the orchards and his Italian heritage, he named the estate after his mother in recognition of her dedication to home and family. Local Orvietano preservationist Cesare Bianchini would bring his singular knowledge of the land to the endeavor, overseeing all the farming and olive oil production. Frank is a Vancouverite who is passionate about creating award winning olive oil which he has already done and quite quickly I must add.

This is a premium olive oil that I have had with pieces of baguette, drizzled on pasta dishes and used as a light salad dressing with balsamic. Personally I prefer the pure and this is outstanding olive oil to taste with fresh baked baguette. Learn how they grow the olives and the production process, see the oils here.

Domenica Fiore is available locally in a variety of stores including Urban Fare, Fresh Market and the Gourmet Market at Giovane in the Fairmont Pacific Rim. You can follow them on Twitter @domenica_fiore and ask them where this brand is available in your neighborhood.

By: Richard Wolak

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