3289 Main Street, Vancouver

Tel: (604) 558-4676

Web: coming

Twitter: @GPSushi

Advice: Reservations suggested. Bring a friend to share some sushi rolls.

There are sushi joints and then there are sushi joints, while the city is filled with sushi eateries on almost every block, there are few that standout in décor, vibe and food. This eatery is related to the Eatery located in Kitsilano and this one is quite different when it comes to the décor and the type of people who is patronizing them, here it is hipster and family central. Funky decor with a wilderness lodge theme adding to the bizarre decorated room, loved the 74 white masks that adorn the room. With a vast selection of items, the star attraction here are the named sushi rolls and other Japanese favourites which are ideal for sharing. My friend Jonathan Yee joined me to do just that, share a variety of items so that I could try as much as possible.

Tuna Tempura

Tuna Sushi Bites

Salmon Tartare


Tempura Prawns

To start the meal we enjoy enjoyed a sampler of their house specialty Tuna Tempura which we both thought had good flavour and crunch. We then shared the yummy Tuna Sushi Bites that were topped on a rice cake followed by the Salmon Tartare served with large won ton type crisps for dipping. I loved the Tunacado so fresh and filled with avocado which also came with won ton type crisps. We also shared Tempura Prawns with tangy sweet sauce, battered for a good crunch .

Viva Las Vegas

San Francisco Roll

Dragon Roll

The Cucu’s Nest Cucumber Wrap

Next up we savoured some of their popular Sushi Rolls, starting off with Viva Las Vegas with cream cheese, followed by the San Francisco Roll topped with a bland salmon which was my least favourite of all & the outstanding Dragon Roll filled with crab and avocado as well as The Cucu’s Nest Cucumber Wrap filled with crab wrapped in a cucumber shell with mango.

It’s a good thing they don’t specialize in dessert, since their dessert offerings were minimal and since we were both utterly full, we ended our meal on a high note.

Review by: Richard Wolak

Vancouver, BC V5T 3G7, Canada

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